Personal Story
We are all a product of our genetic background. I am fortunate in that my genetic makeup has given me an extensive active lifestyle. Some people call a person such as myself "a doer" or one who sets goals and works to achieve them. Why cars, computers and photography one may ask? My father and his uncle were and are what one would now be called pioneers of technology. My great uncle Arthur Ronlund built his own radios and camera in the 1930s. I grew up building a crystal radio, playing in the world of amateur radio, soldering irons and all things electrical. At 13 years of age I had the grand plan to build a slot car track far grander than the Scalectrix set my brother and I started with. We spent a whole christmas school holidays and with father's assistance we got it finished and working. We then could run our 1/24th scale kit cars and racing comenced. 

Why the interest in cars? As a son of a person who grew up in the great depression you never threw anything away, you made or fixed what you had or needed. Therefore fixing your car was part of the generation lifestyle. Also adding to this a grandfather who ran the taxi service in country Cooroy (now part of the Noosa Hinterland) why else would a young boy's mind drift to but cars. I would steer the car while sitting on grandfather's knee as we went down some back country rode to pick up a passenger. Riding in cars, driving cars and fixing cars progressed to building cars. 

The great dream at one point in early manhood was to build a car and compete in motorsport. At that point in time motorsport was car rallying. My brother and I (once again with father's help) purchased a car to play with. We purchased a 1964 Morris Mini from a South Brisbane car yard in 1975. She had to be towed home as mechanically it would not have made the trip across town but the body on her was excellent. We did not need to panel beat or spraypaint as we had not attempted those skills before. In early 1976 we competed in our first rally and I won the Queensland Light Car Club of Queensland's motorkhana and overall club championship with her. For those car minded it would cruise at 6000rpm (only at night and on back dirt roads). What is 6000rpm in a Morris Mini? Ninety mile per hour or 150kph in the modern world. The "brick" as they were known only had one fault on the dirt tracks, yes ground clearance. We progressed to a MK11 Cortina and rear wheel drive. I bent a few front steering arms until I learnt that this was the opposite to front wheel drive and the "Scandanavian Flick" was the way to attack the corners.
Employment and Work Story
  • Demonstrated managerial experience working with people of all ages through an extensive 40 year career in the education sector
  • Demonstrated experience in the handling of complex situations dealing with people issues
  • Combining 30 years of school education experience and ten years of government corporate management have allowed me to develop an extensive personal skill set

  • Year 12 Kedron State High School – School Captain 1970
  • Diploma Teaching – Kelvin Grove College Advanced Education – 1972- 1974
  • Bachelor of Education – Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education – 1977-1978

Teaching Career History and Accomplishments
  • 1975 – 1976 Primary HPE teacher circuit. This covered Jamboree Heights SS (first HPE teacher appointed to the school) Kenmore SS and in the first year half a day at New Farm SS.
  • 1977 – 1980 Harristown SHS Health and Physical Education Teacher and Sportsmaster
  • 1981 – 1984 Oakey SHS – HPE Subject Coordinator and Sportsmaster.
  • 1985 – 1990 Kingston SHS – HPE Subject Master
  • 1991- 1992 Rochedale SHS Subject Master Health and Physical Education
  • Marsden SHS 1993 – 1999  HPE Head of Department
  • Marsden SHS 2000 - 2004  Deputy Principal
  • HPE practicing teacher representative on the state committee for the Australian Council for Health Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER).
  • ACHPER representative on the Queensland Studies Authority Syllabus Advisory Committee for Health and Physical Education.
  • Chair Sub Committee for the Studies Area Specification Syllabus in Recreation. This involved the introduction of vocational education studies into secondary schools.
  • District Panel Chair, Health and Physical Education Queensland Studies Authority.

My role as a corporate officer for Education Queensland
  • September 2004 – April 2006  Member of the Management System for Schools evaluation team and program – Education Queensland.
  • April 2006 – June 2013 Member of the OneSchool Project – Education Queensland
  • 2006 – 2012  Manager OneSchool Help Desk Education Queensland
  • 2006 – June 2013 Manager Training OneSchool  Education Business Support – Education Queensland
  • July 1 2013 – to July 4 2014 Long Service Leave
  • July 4 2014 - Retired from Education Queensland

Recent Community Roles
  • 2010 – 2013 Chapter Leader Mazda MX5 Club Queensland
  • 2012 – Information Technology Officer and Webmaster for the Mazda MX5 Club of Queensland
  • 2014 – Recently volunteered and organized an 8 day holiday (itinerary, accommodation and transport) for 17 Finnish tourists (family relative included). I was the tour guide for this group. The holiday was based in Brisbane but included a three day country bus trip.
  • Since 1998 I have been involved with my wife in taking school students to Japan as part of her role as a teacher of the Japanese language.
  • This role has included home stays in Japan, hosting Japanese teachers, socializing with Japanese education officials and acting as an ambassador for Education Queensland. 
  • 2015 Information Technology Officer for GEAR (Golden Era Automobile Racing) QLD
  • Accredited G20 Volunteer Brisbane 2014
  • Brisbane Welocmes the World Ambassador (Brisbane City Council Initiative)
  • Volunteer Brisbane Greeter for Brisbane Marketing
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